Wastewater Treatment Plant In Shannon To Be Upgraded

Irish Water and Clare County Council have teamed up to carry out the works which also includes a sewerage network project.

The work involves cleaning and surveying the sewers and an analysis of the wider wastewater network in the area.

The investment will improve the operation of the plant and help reduce the levels of odour from the plant. Irish Water will also carry out a survey of the flow and load levels to the plant to identify if any subsequent upgrade work is required.

The work is scheduled to start in the coming weeks and is expected to be completed by the middle of 2016.

Irish Water will also begin the Shannon Town Foul Sewerage Network Survey project to evaluate the condition of the sewer network. The results of the survey will identify any repair, upgrade or replacement needs in the network.

As the survey work is carried out, it will help identify any potential causes of septicity and odour by highlighting any discharges to the network that may contribute to these issues.

The survey team will also, where needed, clean the sewers to remove any potential blockages that could damage the network. While the survey work is being carried out some areas may experience temporary odours as a result of the sewer cleaning and lifting of manhole covers. Irish Water expects any odours to be minor in nature and last for a short period of time.

Ref: http://www.constructionireland.ie/construction-news/211062/wastewater-treatment-plant-in-shannon-to-be-upgraded

Posted date : 15-03-2016

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