Serious Concerns Raised Over Concrete Blocks Used To Develop Houses

An expert panel was set up in February this year to examine the issue of the defective blocks, particularly those affected by muscovite mica.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD confirmed the expert panel is expected to report results in about six months, however he said unless the government widens its terms of reference, the crisis created for public housing and local councils will not be properly examined.

Mr Adams said: "Donegal Sinn Féin representatives have been raising their concerns about the use of mica in the construction of homes for some time. Tuesday night's Prime Time programme revealed a profound failure in state regulation of the construction industry.

"The concrete block is the core component of family homes across this state. This failure was unforgiveable.

"The current expert panel is tasked with only looking at private homes. This is a serious failing. Many Council homes in Donegal were built with mica and defective blocks now pose a serious risk. There are also questions around the use of mica in the building of some schools.

"On Prime Time we saw the trauma that this issue has created for families.

"The government is currently insisting that Donegal County Council meets the cost of what could be a massive bill. This would seriously impact on the provision of other local services."

Posted date : 07-06-2016

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