Plans For Nuclear Plant At Hinkley Point 'On Hold'

Prime Minister Theresa May has put plans for the development of a nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset on hold.

She has ordered a review to be launched, however the SDLP has called for the plans to be abandoned.

MP for South Down, Margaret Ritchie, made the call following serious concerns over the "potentially dangerous" plant.

Ms Ritchie said: "The SDLP have made our opposition to a nuclear plant at Hinkley Point clear from the outset and our serious concerns have only been vindicated by on-going revelations of rising costs, security risks and studies into cheaper and more sustainable energy sources. The Prime Minister was right to halt the programme but now she must terminate the plans altogether.

"The Government should instead be seeking opportunities to invest in sustainable renewable technologies rather than economically unviable and potentially dangerous nuclear power plants. The report published today by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, which found that we could save £1billion a year by pursuing cheaper alternatives, such as offshore wind farms, should cause the Prime Minister to sit up and take note."

Posted date : 31-08-2016

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