Sellafield Nuclear Plant Is A Threat To All Of Europe - Carthy

MEP Matt Carthy made the comment following revelations on the BBC's Panorama programme which revealed dangerous, radioactive material was being stored in degrading plastic bottles.

It also revealed that there is a lack of workers on the Sellafield site.

Mr Carthy called for the plant to "close down".

He said: "It must be closed and there should be a halt to the construction of any further nuclear power plants near the Irish Sea.

"The east coast of Ireland, particularly counties Louth and Meath, would be very directly threatened by any accident or fire at Sellafield.

"There has already been a long list of contamination incidents at Sellafield which is a grave threat to the health of citizens, not just in Britain itself but in Ireland and other European countries.

"Clearly the Irish Government must confront their British counterparts on this issue.

"Sellafield must be closed and we need to see concerted political action, especially by the Irish Government but also at a European level to this end."

Posted date : 13-09-2016

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