Scheme To Bring Vacant Buildings Back Into Use Reopens

The Urban Development Grant scheme which helps developers also bring underused land back into use was reopened by Social Development Minister Lord Morrow.

The Urban Development Grants (UDG) are discretionary grants provided to help urban areas in Northern Ireland. A range of physical development projects may attract UDG including: inner/middle city housing, retail, commercial and light industrial. Applications are being invited from developers from 04 April 2016 and must be received by the Department by 13 May 2016.

Minister Morrow said: "In some town centres and disadvantaged areas there is little chance that dereliction and decline can be halted without government intervention. In the past this scheme has supported regeneration in such areas throughout Northern Ireland. I look forward to further environmental, social and economic improvements being delivered to our communities as a result of this Grant scheme."

Posted date : 04-04-2016

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