CEMEX concrete for two major American projects

Thousands of truckloads of ready-mixed concrete being supplied to key projects in Florida and Colombia

CEMEX USA are currently participating in the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project, a 21-mile reconstruction of Central Florida’s main interstate highway – the largest and most complex infrastructure project currently under way in the state of Florida.

The I-4 project is designed to renovate the interstate by upgrading interchanges and bridges to meet the needs of growing communities in Orange and Seminole Counties.

CEMEX are expected to supply more than 4,900 truckloads of reinforced ready-mixed concrete pipe and more than 375,000 of the 620,000 cubic yards of ready-mixed concrete required for this project.

Ultimately, the renovated section of the I-4 will allow the highway to better accommodate the daily flow of vehicles, while meeting current industry standards.

Through increased reliability and visibility, reduced travel times, and better traffic flow, the I-4 is expected to become a signature corridor that will connect communities, improve economies, and enhance livability throughout the Central Florida region.

Meanwhile, in South America, CEMEX Latam Holdings (CLH) are participating in the construction of the Atrio project, a 250,000 square meter multi-purpose complex in Bogota that will house the tallest building in Colombia.

CLH supplied the necessary concrete, team, and equipment for the casting of the tower’s first foundation plate. This process, performed 22m below street level, consisted of the construction of a single 2,400 square metre and 3m tall slab.

CLH contributed to this process by delivering more than 7,380 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete, pumped uninterruptedly for 38 hours.

This is the first time that a project of this magnitude has been performed for a building in Colombia. It involved the participation of more than 300 people, around 1,000 truckmixer trips in less than 48 hours, and the simultaneous and continuous operation of six CLH ready-mixed concrete plants.
Ref: http://www.agg-net.com/news/cemex-concrete-for-two-major-american-projects

Posted date : 16-08-2016

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